Universal Laws and How to Use Them

Universal Laws are the laws that govern life and when we learn to work with them and not against them life just happens to work out better.

There are many fabulous writers on this topic. These writers inspire and educate others to make positive changes in their lives. The changes are often very profound and can change lives for better or worse depending on how you learn to make these laws work for you. Esther and Jerry Hicks, Sonia Choquette, Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne are excellent teachers on this subject.

Universal Laws are not a new concept. These laws have been around since the beginning of time. There is reference to it in the bible ( however Universal Law is non-denominational) and many great men such as Wallace Wattles and Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill wrote about it years before it became popular in this century.

So what actually is Universal Law? Universal law in simple terms preaches that what you focus and dwell on, what you think about and talk about you create and bring into your reality. When used effectively it helps you to live a life with passion and purpose.

This is why I stated before that it can be used for positive or negative change. The choice is up to you.

The results you receive depend solely on your actions and your thoughts. This is why it is a must to follow a plan that will manifest in your life the results that you are seeking. You are the creator so you need to draw up the blueprints for creation.

Expect what you desire and never ever expect that which you do not desire. To gain the full force of Universal Laws in your life you need to desire and then expect. Focus on your desires and expect without doubt that it is yours. Focus only on the positive and you will begin to see elements of that which you desire popping up in your life.

When working with Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction it is imperative that you put yourself in the mindset of giving. For it is when you give that you open the gates to receiving. If you are inclined to hold back on the giving you are sending out signals of scarcity which will come back to you. The more you give the more you receive. The law states that if you do not give you cannot receive.

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